It all started with Daft Punk...

August 14, 2019

Welcome to my blog! I am excited to start writing about the work that I do for fun. These posts will vary from topic to topic, I’m passionate about making a lot of different things. 

My first introduction to synthesizers coincided with my introduction to electronic music. It all started with Daft Punk. I am unsure how I was introduced to Daft Punk, but I know it happened when I was about ten or twelve years old. Like everyone of a similar age, I was looking for interests that were of my own. Electronic music and synthesizers filled that void. 

Along with synthesizers and electronic music, Do It Yourself culture and the maker movement showed me that I could make anything. Thus my goal to build my own synthesizer began. However, it would be years until I would find the know how to do so.

My motivation for this project stems from a youtube channel that I found a little over two years ago. Sam Battle, known as Look Mum No Computer, is an extremely talented DIYer and musician who builds his own synthesizers. Check out his videos below, his work is incredible and really entertaining.

I was hooked after watching a few of his videos. I was really curious about how he was building his modular synthesizers so I checked out his website for more info. And lo and behold, I found his zine about building a modular synthesizer. This zine provided me with a great foundation to start with.

There are multiple formats of modular synthesizers. These formats differ in size and spec. The most popular modular system is Eurorack. It was developed by Doepfer Musikelektronik in 1996. Eurorack’s most notable features are its small footprint, measured in rack units, and its power voltage, +/-12V. Due to Euroracks popularity, DIY kits and schematics are freely available. And this is where Look Mum No Computer’s zine led me. In the next post in this series I will talk about my progress on my DIY modular synthesizer.