Delaware Glass

Identity system
Concept identity system for a local glazing company.

This identity project was assigned to me in my visual communications 3 class. I was tasked with designing a concept identity for a local company. I wanted to challenge myself by choosing a company that was outside of my area of expertise in which Delaware Glass fit the bill.

Delaware Glass was gracious enough to allow me to visit and learn more about what they provide for their clients and local community. From the initial meeting I was able to learn about a few key aspects of their business. First and foremost, Delaware Glass works as a contractor in which their sole responsibility is large scale glass installation. The majority of their work is done through sub-contracting while the rest is done through retail glass installation for homes. The challenge that I faced in creating this identity was providing a system in which targeted both contracting and retail audiences.

Historical concept. Highlighting Delaware County, Indiana.

Modernist concept. Highlighting the function of the business.

Identity lockups. Primary, secondary, tertiary (order: top to bottom).

In order to meet both of my target audiences I decided to pull inspiration from modernist identities and their logomarks. Many modernist logomarks are extremely simple in form and visual language. I wanted my mark to be simple while communicating the sole function of the business. I had two concepts one pulling from historical context, and one pulling from the function of the business. The historical logomark was built to visually center Delaware Glass in Delaware county while providing the establishment date. My second concept, which I would chose to be the final, visually shows the placement of glass within the frame. From this concept I developed multiple lock-ups, a motion graphic, mock-ups, and a standards manual.

Motion Graphic
Sign mock-up
Glass and embroidery mock-up