Make It

Campaign & exhibition design
Exhibition tool-set for community leaders to spread the word about maker and DIY culture.

Make It was my capstone thesis that I developed during my senior year of college. I wanted to create a campaign that encompassed something that I am very passionate about, DIY. Below you will find my elevator pitch in which describes the problem, the research, and the solution.

Items within the tool-set.
Identity system.
The identity in use.

Awarded best print design at Ball State's 2019 visual communication senior design show. Awarded by Bryony Gomez-Palacio from UnderConsideration LLC.


Over the last decade do it yourself movements began to surface into popular culture due to the internet. The internet allowed people to connect about the things they loved to create. In many ways technology helped to lower the barrier to access tools and ideas so that anyone could make anything. The problem is that this creative culture can still be inaccessible to smaller communities.


DIY not only provides a creative outlet for many but it is also a great tool to help problem solve and teach. Just like our ancestors teaching one another new things like building a fire and hunting, DIY allows us to teach each other to be self sufficient as a singular person but also as a community. “Individuals and small businesses will come together, both in urban and rural areas and in virtual communities, driven by desire to learn faster by working together.” Source: The Maker Movement. Innovations: Technology, Governance, Globalization.


My goal for this project was to create a toolset in which community leaders and others can utilize to spread the word about DIY. The tool-set would be accessible on its website allowing people to download and modify it to fit their use.This tool-set includes:

  1. DIY exhibition system. Created with simple tools and easy to find materials.
  2. Identity system in which the user can maintain visual consistency of the exhibition and its materials.
  3. Print resources such as the exhibition zine to connect exhibition goers to the movement and its communities.
  4. Example social media marketing strategy to help spread the awareness of the exhibition.
Example of the displays and assembly instructions.
Exhibition zine.
Inside of the exhibition zine with resource cards and stickers.