Motion Graphics

Collection of my most recent motion graphics work. Featuring an immediate gratification infographic and social media graphic.

I had the opportunity to take a motion graphics class my senior year. Having done professional motion graphics work prior to this class, I decided that I needed to take the time to push myself to learn new techniques.

Immediate Gratification in the Digital Age

Each of us use technology countless times each day for work, school, or for fun. Because of this I became much more aware of how I used technology and whether I was letting it rule my life. I really wanted to know how much does technology really affect the way we interact with our content.

This project’s goal was to take the research and present it in such a way that was familiar yet make the audience uneasy. To capture this uneasy feeling, I used two specific strategies, inverting the familiar and manipulating time. The interface I present users with is very dark, saturated, full of texture. The complete opposite to the interfaces used today. I also introduced buffering and loading times into the video to further create the discomfort.

Moogfest Concept

This assignment tasked me with creating a short social media marketing motion graphic based on an event. Due to my familiarity and passion for Moog Music, I decided to create a short motion graphic about their annual festival, Moogfest.

Synthesizers are used in all kinds of music and trying to nail down one specific genre of synthesis would be impossible. My goal for this motion graphic was to show the variety of what synthesis can do and how it bridges gaps between industries. Artists, musicians, scientists, makers, and hobbyists are interconnected by synthesis. I decided to use modules from a modular synthesizer to show these connections between industries in which forms a large and passionate community.