Type Design

Passion Project
Curiosity to passion project. My exploration in type design.

I was introduced to typeface design through an experimental type class in which we looked at letterform tracings done by Frederic Goudy. These tracings contained the lineage of each letter he was rendering from rough sketch to finished form. His work was awe-inspiring and allowed this to become a passion project for me.

The first challenge I faced learning about type design was finding good resources. My generation is really one of the first to get the majority of their information from the internet rather through printed means. So when I began researching about type design online, I didn’t find much. A few foundries here and there provided some insight, but little really explained the process involved. Soon after I attended an Aiga Indianapolis event in which two type designers from Lost Type Co-op, Riley Cran and Dan Gneiding, spoke about good resources for beginners. Feeling inspired I then spent many nights at Ball State’s library to learn as much as I could.

First typeface, Liftoff and its variants

Two resources that I’ve poured over and over again are Designing Type by Karen Cheng, and Lettering for Advertising by Mortimer Leach (recommended by Lost Type). These books provided me with base level knowledge in which helped me take my first steps. I began learning proportions, good practices, structure, and numerous other characteristics when creating type. Learning about type design felt like looking in a never-ending treasure trove. One resource would lead to the next and I felt like my passion for type only grew more.

My first typeface, Liftoff, was created in a very short amount of time with little to no knowledge about type design. Once I began learning more about type design, I decided to revisit the letterforms with new knowledge. Roughly four or five redesigns later, my letterforms are improving more and more. This passion project of mine is still very much a work in progress. I hope to complete my first weight of this face within the next year.

Current typeface design, far from perfect, but it is mine.