Identity & Packaging
Concept craft beer subscription service pulled from the depths of interstellar space and delivered to the doors of creative people.

I created void in my advanced typography class. The assignment required me to develop packaging in which would use a typeface I created earlier in the semester. If you want to read more about my exploration in type design, click here.

The main challenge I faced was choosing a product to develop packaging for. I was nearing my twenty first birthday so I thought it would be the perfect time to design a craft beer label. However, I knew that I could provide more than a label design. A support piece was necessary. After some research, I decided to incorporate this label design into a subscription service in which includes a magazine and four pack of craft beer.

Due to the creative freedoms given to me on this project I was able to create a product experience in which I would want to own. The final design includes a few different materials:

  1. Holographic label
  2. Void magazine mock-up
  3. Letterpress promotional flyer
  4. A laser-cut clear four pack carrier

I’m going to geek out a moment because I am proud about numerous aspects of this project. The label, rather than illustrated, is typographic. I chose to orient the logotype vertically to put well use to the space. The two layers of vinyl, black and holographic, provides the concept in which ‘void’ sinks into the emptiness of space while it’s form outlined by reflectance of light.

Void magazine is a D.I.Y. art, design, and science magazine. My mock-up includes short stories, film photography, art history, and more. The clear four pack carrier contains the printed materials in the front slot, working as a cover, while the four beers sit within. I built this carrier for promotional and advertising purposes, if I did this project again I would design a recyclable carrier in which would do the same.